Enable success
by expanding the way
you think
The standard
you walk past
is the standard
you become
don’t do s#!t
for creativity!
The ability to
purpose is
so essential
When you think differently,
you act differently
Know your
tribe’s language
to succeed

Leaders in thought expansion

The Thought Expansion Network (TEN) is a community of experienced speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and engaged leaders knowledgeable on a diverse range of topics — from disruptive technology, peak performance, creativity, innovation and managing perpetual change. Veterans renowned for expanding the way people think.

TEN Talent inspire and create the connections to see one’s world differently and fundamentally change it for the better. Read their latest thoughts on the topics that are transforming businesses, elevating the way people lead organizations and ultimately, unlock human potential.

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Your thoughts are not going
to elevate themselves

TEN speakers help audiences to think more expansively about wide-ranging
themes and topics, catalysing greater professional and personal success.


What to expect when you hire a TEN speaker

Business Intelligence

Innovation is a mindset, an explicit perspective – not a job role.

A keynote from a TEN speaker delivers to stage the intelligence that business leaders can utilise to their unfair competitive advantage.

Inspiration & Tools

Inspiration often comes from outside; movement, comes from within. Presentations or a course from TEN stimulates audiences to immediately start elevating the way they think, providing actual tools and methods to manage the future.

World-Class Expertise

Leaders do not win without a team that understands their vision.

TEN speakers are supporting some of the most driven organizations with the insights that allow them to compete exponentially in entirely new environments.

“...absolutely world class: a unique talent combining vision, strategy and challenge
which is incredibly effective in opening minds.”

Jesper Brodin, CEO IKEA

“...a leftfield, charismatic and inspirational speaker. One of his many strengths is that all of his view on creativity are based on real-life experience, I would recommend him to anyone!”

Susi Bojdys, Manager ITV Events

“...really an enriching talk which all our delegates enjoyed. I wouldn’t hesitate
asking him to come back. Treat yourself and book him: you won’t regret it!”

Guy Armitage, Zealous X