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The Thought Expansion Network was created so you, as an individual or an organisation, can achieve greater success by expanding the way that you think. Sometimes what’s needed is a healthy interjection of world-class inspiration, cutting-edge insight, deeply resonant motivation or superior strategic guidance.

To do this, we’ve brought together a group of the world’s top experts in various areas, who can speak at your event and deliver huge value to any audience. For more information on our talent, click here.

We also represent a wide range of solutions, from courses to content, that can assist in your journey. You can see these featured below. Please email enquiries@ten.io if you’d like to discuss anything of these offerings, or to book a game-changing speaker for your next event.

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YOU to the power of TEN

In this one-day course, Jonathan MacDonald shows how he turned absolute adversity into major opportunity, enabling his dreams to become his career. In an inspiring and deeply insightful process, you will be given a wide range of methodologies you can apply to your life, work and ambition.

SPEAK to the power of TEN

In this one-day course, Jonathan MacDonald and Miriam Staley show you the tips and tricks of how to communicate in the most powerful ways. These are techniques that are implemented on daily basis by TEN’s Talent. Whether you’re on stage or in front of colleagues, this course will upgrade your speaking to the next level and beyond.


In these three day immersive innovation retreats, participants go on a mental journey that far exceeds anything they have experienced in a standard workshop, and then re-builds their thinking into hardcore strategy with executable steps. This unlocks the inner potential within every participant.

Super Olympics

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…a thought on using human enhancement and augmentation in sport Super Olympics is a really simple concept. Basically, competitors can incorporate any type of modification to their bodies, up until…

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