Speak – to the power of TEN

One of the easiest and quickest ways to build your personal brand or business is through public speaking. Yet so few people invest the time and effort to learn the skills and techniques that will set them apart, and give them the most powerful platform. Equally, if you want to enter the market as a pro speaker, or increase the number of paid engagements you are currently booking, then follow the lead of the best, most highly paid speakers in the world and invest in your skill and constant learning so that you have a chance to stand out from the crowd, and make it in this busy marketplace.

“Speak – to the power of TEN” is a one-day course that will accelerate your public speaking and presentation skills, and help you to create a solid foundation for you to take your speaking to the next level, whether as a paid professional, industry expert or corporate business leader.

In this one-day course we will show you the skills of how to communicate in the most effective way. Jonathan MacDonald is one of the world’s most highly rated and in-demand speakers and has achieved his career success through the constant learning and application of these techniques and tools that Speak participants will learn and take-away from this course.

Miriam Staley is a highly valued as a professional coach to leaders and business entrepreneurs; she will contribute her immensely deep experience from her coaching of some of the world’s most accomplished corporate executives with Speak session participants.

Just some of the themes and content that will be revealed on the day include:

Finding your message
Struggling to find a unique angle for your theme and topics? you’ll learn ways to find crystal-clear clarity and a compelling take on your story.

Structuring your message
The most compelling speakers in the world structure their talks for maximum impact, drawing out key messages, and finding space in the noise which information can create that assures that their content is spot-on.

Confidence building
Communicate your messages easily, and feel totally confident while doing so. When you totally believe that you can do it, there’ll be no stopping you.

Overcoming fears
Confront your biggest fears and set your inner speaker free. Most of us are worried about being ridiculed or rejected – after this Speak session, you don’t ever need to feel like that again.

Enhancing your message
Every speaker needs a set of world-class techniques and tools at their disposal – this course will expose the skills you need to generate proven results and how to make your message stick.

Delivering your message
Ever wondered how some speakers seem so completely at home on the stage and mesmerise you, completely engaging you to listen…? A Speak session will share with participants how to do this.

Creating rapport
Build genuine connection with an audience and gain the solid ground beneath your feet as a speaker. We will show you how to hook them, reel them in, and keep them dangling on the end of your line…

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