You - to the power of TEN

“The You session enabled me to personally and professionally scope my future. It resulted in me creating a successful new business with my personal values firmly at the core.” Philip Storey, Enchant

Lower down this page you will find lots of information, but in advance, here’s a video showing what the participants of previous You sessions got from the process:


A little over a decade ago I was totally screwed over by my business partner and lost every penny to my name. My house and cars went on sale and my business closed. My so-called friends vanished and I ended up with an address book of people who no longer took my calls, and no visibility of how to get back on track.

I was lost.

Fast-forward to five years ago, my life had totally changed in every way, and today, I spend my time doing exactly what I love. I have financial freedom, I positively impact thousands of people and I’m surrounded by magnificent opportunities that keep presenting themselves. I can earn any amount of money I want, take holidays every month, spend most of each week pursuing hobbies, have hours of quality time with my kids, and feel healthy and vibrant every day. Even though some of this requires work and commitment, it all feels completely effortless. Every activity I do feels like fun and I’m constantly building upon my dreams rather than obeying someone else’s orders.

This isn’t because of luck. This isn’t because of academic achievement. This is because of how I expanded the way I think.

I expanded the way I prioritised each part of my life. I expanded my view on personal ambition, passion and purpose. I expanded my belief in myself, and my ability to succeed, with a newly found abundance of capability and resources to do so. I reconstructed my outlook on life and my inward view of myself. This reconstruction had an extreme effect.

One decision I made was how long it would take me to become financially stable. Another was the value I wanted to provide to others, and even the type of people I wanted to spend time with. I didn’t necessarily know exactly what job that could be labelled as. I knew more basic parts such as; wanting to travel the world and get paid for it, wanting to have a major positive impact on thousands of people, and wanting to spend time with brilliant and happy people. Now the majority of my “work” is simply enabling others to unlock their full potential, from a personal or business perspective, and achieve the same level of success and freedom as I’ve outlined above.

Wouldn’t everyone want that?

After years of being asked the question “how did you get to this point?”, I’ve decided to give you the precise guidance of how I developed my personal framework of making a living doing what I love. Why? Because I genuinely believe you can use this methodology to revolutionise your entire life. It certainly worked for me.

I will be running this session personally over a full day, running from 9.30am-5pm. Refreshments and lunch are included.

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These are some of the questions you will have answered by the end of the day:

– How to understand what you really want

– How to prepare yourself for life change

– How to establish the main things to adjust in your life

– How to prioritise what needs to be done

– How to deal with inner fears

– How to deal with people who try and bring you down or divert your focus

– How to communicate your direction with your friends, family, colleagues, bosses or even strangers

– How to ensure you don’t lose out financially in the transition

– How to make sure the changes remain permanent

This is a truly life-changing method, and one that may be the most rewarding in your life right now.

Here are some more testimonials from participants: