Extra notes

Dear Parents / Guardians / Teachers / Carers,

The Thought Expansion Network is about creating change by changing the way we think so people can live happier and more fulfilled lives. So that future generations can prosper we are asking children and young people how we can best do this for them, so that they can get a head-start in making an impact in the world and experience fulfilment and happiness as early as possible.

Thank you for interviewing them or directing them to these questions as the answers will allow us to build a picture of the most useful way to make their ideas reality. The goal of this exercise is to fully draw out the opinion of our children. We do not wish to teach, correct or limit their thoughts in any way. We want to encourage them to open up their minds to endless possibilities.

Here are a few tips on how to ask these questions:

  • Ask them when would be a good time to do the interview or answer the questions so that they’re fully awake and feeling creative.
  • The questions are worded in an open ended way. There are no wrong answers. Get curious about how they see things no matter how strange they may sound to you.
  • Have a bit of space and time to allow them to think about the questions. Being fully present and rooting for your child will allow them to not feel judged and to be comfortable with their thoughts.
  • Putting away any of your own distractions (phones, laptops etc.) will allow your child to feel fully listened to. Being present allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the moment, the wonderful minds of our sons/daughters.
  • A group discussion with siblings or friends will also work well. Ensure that all ideas are recorded onto the survey or they could film the ideas they come up with at the end and put the link into the survey.
  • Let them know that all their answers will be collated and used as a foundation for making things better and creating change through the way people think.

If you have any further queries about how this survey will be used please email me directly by clicking here.

Many thanks for your support in the future generations.

Jonathan MacDonald – Founder, Thought Expansion Network