Get regular insights from Jonathan MacDonald, about what has happened in your chosen industry vertical(s), and what to do about it. Pulse is FREE OF CHARGE, so please click below, choose the industries you’re interested in, and you will get Pulse video link in an email on the second Tuesday of every month.

In today’s increasing pace of change, and with the enormous volume of information, it is often hard to ensure that really important information isn’t missed. And even when important information is found, it’s often hard to understand how it could impact you. We have found that two of the most common questions in business today are:

“How do I find out about things that I don’t know I’m missing?”

“How do I work out what to do about the information I find?”

This is why we created an update system called “Pulse” that provides a monthly roundup of market shifts, consumer trends, disruptive technology and innovative launches, tailored specifically to the industry vertical(s) you are most interested in. Alongside this, you will receive actionable recommendations from Jonathan MacDonald, Founder of TEN and trusted thought-leader to the most cutting-edge global companies. The recommendations will identify major opportunities and potential risks that relate specifically to that industry.

Pulse can add extreme value in enabling you to:

  • Develop strategic plans or business strategies
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Develop strategies to achieve business targets
  • Identify new markets
  • Help teams to recognise the need for change
  • Encourage innovation
  • Identify new paradigms that may change the way business is done in an industry
  • Add richness to a SWOT analysis, providing information that can be used to identify new opportunities and threats
  • Develop scenarios of the future

Pulse is FREE OF CHARGE, so please click below, choose the industries you’re interested in, and watch your inbox for the email containing a video link on the second Tuesday of every month.

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