Dave Birss

Dave Birss
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radical creativity / ideation techniques / behavioural economics / neural science / demystifying innovation
Dave Birss radical creativity / ideation techniques / behavioural economics / neural science / applied thinking

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Dave Birss is obsessed with creativity – what it is, where it comes from, its role in history, its place in our future, what makes some people more creative than others. This obsession finds its way into almost everything Dave does: it drives his passion and personal mission: to shatter the myths and destroy the mystique around the creative process. As an international keynote speaker and author, Dave’s energetic and entertaining talks are packed full of stories, case-studies and practical advice. Dave always finishes with tangible take-aways and techniques that the audience can start applying to their own situation immediately. Dave is the founder of OpenForIdeas.org, which is an online magazine that’s dedicated to clarifying creativity and sharing practical advice to help everyone generate ideas more effectively. His book “A User Guide to the Creative Mind” describes the creative process and reveals how to come up with more ideas. It’s on the recommended reading lists of the world’s top advertising schools. He is also the Chief Thinker in the firm Right Thinking – which supports organisations and individuals to solve problems more effectively. As a trusted authority on creativity and its massive impact on people’s ability to generate fresh thinking, Dave pioneers the iconic advantages that creativity opens to deliver more lasting competitive differentiation.


“It has been a true pleasure having Dave as our keynote…he’s brutally honest, and shares amazing insights on innovation. We were a tough crowd to please, and he got standing ovations!”

Ivan Minic, Digital Day Serbia

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