“The Unlock Session was absolutely brilliant. The best investment our business has ever made in the innovation, profitability and advancement of our company” Ruth Hatherley

Lower down this page you will find lots of information and video testimonials from participants, but first, here’s a video showing how an Unlock Session assisted the creation of a multi-million dollar idea called ‘Moneycatcha’.

“For me this has been an extremely rewarding experience. I feel I have crossed a chasm and I am now truly on the other side of something that has challenged me to the core for quite some time. I am moving forward and putting things into action as we speak” Denis Belliveau

Ask yourself

Would you like to unlock and activate the most powerful ways of turning your passions and purpose into commercial reality?

Are you really curious to know what the most game-changing ideas are, and how to propel them into outrageous success?

Do you have a business idea, concept or innovation that you want to ensure stands the absolute highest chance of commercial and competitive success?

Are you surrounded by options but want to know which ones to pursue to unlock the biggest potential?

Would you like to spend quality time with one of the world’s leading advisors to companies of all sizes, one of the best connected business people on the planet, and a communications expert who develops storytelling and presentation skills to the world’s leading executives?

If so, The Unlock Sessions are for you.

What you get from a session

Unlock Sessions are 3 day immersive innovation retreats with very specific outcomes:

1. Absolute awareness of potential disruptive trends and new market entrants and where the greatest opportunities are located. This enables participants to think and see through a different lens than they commonly do. The curiosity-based benefits of this last far longer than the sessions and effectively upgrade every participants capability across all parts of their work and life.

2. Absolute clarity of strategic direction and business objectives that establish the new idea in the most opportunistic way. In cases where there is a ‘from’ and a ‘to’ defined in a business manifesto, this outcome directly addresses the ‘how’. The methodology enables participants to have a dynamic and consistent approach, limiting the risk of short-term or myopic views. Another benefit of this is the intensive behavioural change put in place through a module of pledges that sets accountability for all participants.

3. Absolute definition of a communication framework as a simple formula to create, package and market your concepts to internal and external stakeholders. This enables participants to ’sell-in’ the ideas and strategic approaches to people who were not part of the sessions and is extremely effective in gaining understanding and support from executives, analysts, corporate partners, customers and members of the public.

This happens by taking participants on a mental journey that far exceeds anything they have experienced in a standard workshop, and then re-builds their thinking into hardcore strategy with executable steps.

There is a great deal of interaction – not just in the room but also at meal times which are all essentially part of the Unlock experience.

Unlock Sessions drive an absolute and unfair competitive advantage moving forward. This isn’t just about developing business methodologies, it’s about unlocking the inner potential within every participant. We’re deeply honoured that the testimonials have been jaw-dropping: “Life-changing” … “Leaving with a plan that will monetise in the millions” … “The best investment I’ve ever made into my business and myself” … “So valuable I would pre-book my kids to attend when they turn 17”.

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Looking for more reasons to attend?

Click here to read a blog post by one of the participants.

“The Unlock Sessions have completely changed my thinking, the message I want to bring and my clear understanding of the business I’m really in, enabling outrageous success. This has increased my deal rate to the highest close ratio ever” Greg Kopchuk, Business Coach, Canada